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our story

We are sisters.  A set of letter blocks were gifted to us when we both got married. Setting up phrases on the blocks was fun and something that connected our families together.  As our days and seasons change, so do our blocks.  Our kids grew up always looking to see what they said, whether they spelled out a holiday, a celebration, something funny or even just a prayer. When the blocks were about them, a deep smile of importance filled their faces. We use them to communicate with one another, to express what we are feeling and what we are hoping. As time goes by, the blocks remain a cherished and valued family tradition.

We are excited about re-engineering these fun and meaningful blocks to share with everyone. We've changed the design a bit and added a "smart" feature by providing an online BUILDER tool to help construct phrases.  The blocks are made of solid poplar wood, cut and finished by a woodworking group in Holmesville, Ohio.  We are super proud to be completely American made!  We began by printing the blocks ourselves out of Jessica's dining room actually, but sacrifices must be made for following dreams! In April of 2021, we moved our workshop to Molly's home in Gainesville, Georgia. We have quite a "she-shed" space that we love. We hope you enjoy our products and feel free to drop us a note on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest (#allijeanworkshop or @allijeanworkshop) - let us know what phrases you have created!

PHRASEOLOGY and WORDOLOGY blocks are perfect gifts for the holiday season, a wedding, a baby shower, graduations, birthdays or anniversaries...a must have for new beginnings. A simple yet thoughtful gift of love to last a lifetime.


molly (ALLIson) bray  &  jessica (JEAN) kenfield

 One more thing . . . we've been busy creating a new product that we can't wait to share with you . . . coming soon!