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our story

While driving to a women’s retreat one day in 2017, Molly Bray proposed an idea to her sister, Jessica Kenfield. The two had always dreamed of starting a business together – after all, they’d experienced most of those “big life moments” side-by-side. When Molly moved to Georgia, Jessie moved to Georgia. When Molly had her first child, Jessie’s daughter arrived just one month later. And when both sisters got married, they were gifted their own set of letter blocks.

“What if we recreated our old country blocks?” Molly suggested. From birthdays to individual wins (or losses) to graduations, the blocks were always there to celebrate memorable moments and recognize hard-earned achievements for their families. Their children smiled when the blocks spelled out ‘Congratulations’, and their guests always appreciated the thoughtful ‘Welcome’. They wanted to share this cherished tradition with all families – with a classic look and feel, and a user-friendly customization system.

Alli+Jean launched in 2020 with Phraseology, a set of 16 letter blocks which can be combined to build over 350 sayings and expressions. Since then, we have added Wordology, a six-block set in a wooden shadow box, and add-ons including custom blocks, themed art blocks, punctuation, blanks, and numbers. In July of 2023, we debuted a brand new product called “oh baby! blocks” for young children. Following closely to our theme of meaningful gift giving; this set of 28 handmade, ABC solid wood blocks encourages old fashioned creative learning through play.

Each product is carefully crafted and perfectly packaged, so your traditions can begin as soon as we reach your door. The only question is: What do you want to say?

Our wood blocks are perfect gifts for the holiday season; a wedding, a baby shower, graduations, birthdays or anniversaries...a must have for new beginnings. A simple yet thoughtful gift of love to last a lifetime.


molly (ALLIson) bray  &  jessica (JEAN) kenfield




Alli+Jean is an Atlanta based décor brand co-owned by sisters Molly Allison Bray and Jessica Jean Kenfield, with a mission of spreading tradition to families everywhere. Made in America, our timeless Smart Letter Blocks can be combined to build over 350 common sayings and expressions, including professional artwork, punctuation, and more! Each letter block is labeled with a unique number that tells YOU which blocks to use for each phrase. Mark the passing of time with our suggested monthly sayings and celebrations or create your own using our online custom phrase builder! Our most recent product debut, “oh baby! blocks” is designed for today’s little ones. Promoting creative learning through play, this set of 28 solid wood educational blocks fit our company vision perfectly. Simple and meaningful gifts for yourself, family, and friends, Alli+Jean blocks create lasting, meaningful traditions anywhere.