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a tradition to pass on...

We are sisters.  A set of letter blocks were gifted to us when we both got married. Setting up phrases on the blocks was fun and something that connected our families together.  As our days and seasons change, so do our blocks.   Our kids grew up always looking to see what they said, whether they spelled out a holiday, a celebration, something funny or even just a prayer. When the blocks were about them, a deep smile of importance filled their faces. We use them to communicate with one another, to express what we are feeling and what we are hoping.  As time goes by, the blocks remain a cherished and valued tradition. 

We are excited about re-creating these artful and meaningful blocks to share with everyone. The blocks are made of solid poplar wood, cut and painted by a woodworking group in Holmesville, Ohio. We've changed the design a bit. These letter blocks - called PHRASEOLOGY - are smart as well. Brainstorm and set up your phrases easily by using our phrase BUILDER program. Each block has a number identifier that is calculated in our program. The program takes into account how many base sets you own, and whether or not you own any of our add-on sets. Enter in "what you want to say" and it will instantly show whether or not the phrase can be made, in addition to giving you the exact blocks you will need for the phrase.  Hmm, smart, right? 

PHRASEOLOGY blocks are perfect gifts for the holiday season, a wedding, a baby shower, graduations, birthdays or anniversaries...a must have for new beginnings. A simple yet thoughtful gift of love to last a lifetime.


molly (ALLIson) bray  &  jessica (JEAN) kenfield


 One more thing . . . we will be introducing new and creative gift items to our ALLI+JEAN workshop line that you won't want to miss - check back with us soon!